Yurikukai Karate Firenze

The Masters
Piero Borgenni | Alessandro Gentile | Rodolfo Ottaggio | Luciano Parisi


Piero Borgenni

Master Piero Borgenni is the Yurikukai Karate Club founder.
He was born in 1936 in Florence, started with wrestling, and then moved on
to Karate in 1963.

1° Dan 1968,
2° Dan 1972,
3° Dan 1978,
4° Dan 1983,
5° Dan 1993
6° Dan 2007
7° Dan 2013

Piero died on 4 March 2013.










Alessandro Gentile


It's Master Borgenni technical assistant, in the conduction of the Yurikukai Karate Club.

1° Dan 1989
2° Dan 2003
3° Dan 2007
4° Dan 2012

As a private member of the SKIF in Tokio, he has partecipated to Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa seminar in Japan and Europe and he costantly keeps in touch with Sensei Manabu Murakami, to whom, as well as holding him in high esteem, is related with a good friendship, strengthened through several trainings togheter.

Rodolfo Ottaggio

Direct student of Master Hiroshi Shirai and direct master of Piero Borgenni together with Luciano Parisi, Rodolfo Ottaggio has been the Yurikukai Karate Club ispirer.
It's a constant point of reference for our Dojo. Despite its retirement from the practice, it's intact one tightened tie of friendship and respect from all Yurikukai karatekas.

Self defense against knife
M. Munda - M.Ottaggio




Luciano Parisi
Mastersw Ottaggio and Parisi during a demonstration for the v. Filadelfia Dojo opening

You allow us to homage Master Luciano Parisi citing it as Master of Piero Borgenni, together to Master Ottaggio.
Top ranking Karateka in the '70s, it has been withdrawn from many years from the traditional Karate pactice in order to found own personal style in the Budo Way.

Mawashi geri M. Parisi to M. Ottaggio in v. Filadelfia



M. Parisi mae geri

M. Parisi shuto uke

Masters Borgenni and Parisi in Kion Ippon Kumite
M.Ottaggio Joko geri
M. Parisi Joko geri