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The Dojo

Dojo is a Japanese Word that means "place for the search of the Life", in
Sanskrit  takes the name of "bodhy manda" that it means "wisdom place". The atmosphere of the Dojo must be serene, calm and in a complete Hush, but for the own noises of the practice.
The access to the Dojo is classified to who wants to practice, when it is already covered with the right costume. The onlookers and those who want to find friends, are prayed to attend outside, be aware to not disturb.
Who sincerely is interested to assist to the practice will can do it maintaining a respectful Hush.
In the Dojo be aware and joyful.
Abandoned the wealth and reputation considerations, forgotten the prejudgments of race and sex. The ardor of the practice must join to one atmosphere of inner search. Be you sincere!
If entered to temporary make part of our community, agree the rules, following with good will the instruction and respecting the hierarchy of the degrees.
Three qualities are demanded: a good education, a great love for the art that practiced, one great confidence in the Master.
The traditionals rules that come taught and the mental attitude that comes suggested, are not of mortifications but they form a ethics that favors the collective job and the individual progress.
You must be cleaned up in the body and in the costume, go in the Dojo with the left foot and go out with the right foot.
Take respect to every thing. Observed the timetables and do you not show bare back.
Executed with cure the traditional salutes, but take care to not abuse of. Speeches less possible, controlled your Thoughts concentrating them on how you make, on how much see to make.
You do not distract yourselves, not contributed to distract the others.
If not felt to follow these rules, not entered in the Dojo.
Every teaching would be useless for you, and your attitude would be of damage for the others.