Yurikukai Karate Firenze
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Yurikukai Karate Club history

The Yurikukai Karate Club was started in 1971,  founded by Master Piero Borgenni.

The Yurikukai name means "Lily Karate Club", identifying the Dojo with the name of the flower symbol of Florence.  It's a traditional Shotokan Karate school, where the tradition of the art prevails over the athletic competitions.

Sensei Parisi and Borgenni at v. Filadelfia Dojo inauguration

The Karate in Italy came into existence thanks to the work of Master Hiroshi Shirai and his first students, Ennio FALSONI, Rodolfo OTTAGGIO and Luciano Parisi.  Thanks to the encounter of these great Masters,  Piero Borgenni began the practice in 1963, and in 1971 he opened the first Dojo in v. Filadelfia. 



M. Parisi and Ottaggio
M. Borgenni and Boni

In 1973, due to the increase in popularity, a larger space was needed to accomodate the growing number of participants so the Dojo was moved to v. Jacopo Nardi.


Since 1988 the Yurikukai Karate Club has been located at "Unione Sportiva Affrico" in Florence.

Since 2009, May a new dojo was opened to via Aretina 217 Florence.